Fresh Missouri River Fishing Report 10/12/14


Date: October 12, 2014…. Location: Craig, Montana…. River: Missouri…. Flows: 4220 cfs…. Water Temperature: 57 F…. Species: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, occasional Walleye….

Fishing has been GGGGGRreeeaaatttttt. Lots of stuff going on these days, Blue Wings and Giant Caddis are poppin, the Firebeads are just starting to hatch, Midges are swirling in the eddys and the Sow Bugs are kicking it in the riffles. Continue reading

Fly Fishing…The Most Fun You Can Have in Waders

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report for October 5, 2014

If time presents itself, you might think about making your way out to The MO… Bug life is prevalent, Fall is slowly but surely showing her face, and the fish are hungry. Craig saw a little snow and some colder weather last week, which seems to have flipped the proverbial “switch.” With temps holding in the upper 60’s for the next few days, expect to see BWO’s, Caddis, and Callibaetis. It might be the mid afternoon before a lot of bugs start dancing, so if you get the conditions for it, chucking a streamer might be a good way to pass the time. Nymphing is, and should remain, productive. That being said, we’re on the front end of a foreseeable few weeks of solid Dry Fly fishing. Our BUGS of choice: Continue reading

Late September Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report for 9/24/2014:


The temperatures should be dropping drastically for the end of September. Tomorrow’s high will be 90 F then look for temps moving into the 60’s the following days. This is good news for the fishermen, bad news for the recreational floaters.

Dry fly fishing has been pretty consistent and only getting better. BWO’s were out and about yesterday and the fish were eating pretty well in the evening as the high sun started to wane. Last night the big boys were fooled with Parachute Adams and a Rusty Spinner. Our BUGS of Choice: Continue reading

Mighty MO’ Brown Butter

Missouri River Fishing Report for 09/18/14:
Brown Town
Clouds are out and fish are up, get your Thursday morning rolling with a Grade A fishing report for the Mighty MO.

Water temps are great and should continue to drop through out the month, sitting at a pretty 59 F this afternoon. It will stay cloudy all morning, then the sun should be poppin’ gettin’ those hatchin’ bugs all excited.

Dry Flies are the name of the game right now. There’s been bugs coming off from late morning until dusk every day it is not windy. Nymph Game… Indicator fishing is always good on this ole river. Streamer fishing has been hit or miss, usually hitting with the clouds and missing with the sun. The water temperature is good for streamers and fish are wanting to move for their food.  Continue reading

Fishing Report 09/13/14


Flows coming from Holter Dam are steady at 4,080cfs with temps beginning to creep up in the next few days. The town of Craig has gotten a sneak preview of Fall over the last few days, with a light dusting of snow in the peaks and some higher winds. Water temp has dropped slightly, falling below 60 degrees, so keep an eye open for some BWO’s in the coming days. Trico hatches are tapering off, but pseudo and callibaetis hatches are picking up the slack, providing dry fly opportunities in the mid to late mornings and afternoons. Also, caddis hatches have been spotty, but more prevalent lower in the river. The weeds are still making the streamer fishing a bit difficult, but a few more cold days should help the situation. That being said, if the weather cooperates, these trout can undoubtedly be coaxed into taking multiple streamer patterns. Rolling a hopper in the mid to late afternoon can be quite productive, especially with a nymph or ant dropper. Nymphing is producing as always, especially higher in the river. Continue reading