Missouri River Late July Fishing Update

DSC_0603Anglers on The Missouri River have been coming back with smiling faces as of lately. Lots of bugs out on the water, lots of them. Trico’s are around in the mornings and PMD’s can be seen throughout the day. Caddis in the evenings. Dry fly fishing is available on most days, almost all day long. Things can slow a bit in the afternoons, so it’s best to get out a little early to catch the Trico spinner fall and then hit the river again later in the evening for some more rising fish. Lots of the W blowing things around yesterday. Things should lay down for the weekend.  Continue reading

Missouri River Fishing Report 7/16/14

DSC_0422Flows this morning dropped slightly to 4,340 cfs at Holter Dam, water temps there are 62 in the morning. We had a little rain come through yesterday that has kept things a little on the cooler side for our summer season. Traffic on the river is strangely low for this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, its still very busy out there. It’s just not what one would expect for the middle of July. How is the fishing? It’s awesome. Great. Amazing. We have Trico’s in the morning, PMD’s mid day, and Caddis in the evening. Continue reading