Missouri River Fishing Report 11/17/14


Photo by CCFS Crew Member Mike Burke

Flows: 4380 cfs…. Water Temperature: 44.4° F….

Baby it’s been coooold outside! I guess last week’s cooler temps are what we get for complaining about our long, warm Fall. Things are supposed to heat up this week. Thank you–I’ll take thirty degrees over single digits. This weekend doesn’t look too bad either if you can’t get out this week. Remember, CrossCurrents is hosting a FREE Spey Casting Clinic in Helena at FWP’s Montana Wild this Saturday the 22nd starting at 10am.  Continue reading

A Steelhead Widow’s Diary: Day 8

strainers-bc-buckI got the text… He’s coming home! Now the 1100 mile drive through dangers unknown with uncertain weather. And so it begins—radio silence. Will he drive it in one 24 hour block or will he decide to lay over one night? And, which way will he come back? I won’t know until I hear from him and that could be tonight, or it could be tomorrow.

I’m finally feeling better, so I decided to tackle a few projects I wanted to get done while he was away. Of course, I wont’ get them all finished. Maybe I’m feeling good enough for one last girl’s night out. When’s he leaving again? Just kidding. I’m excited to soon have him back in my arms again!

Until Next Year…

A Steelhead Widow’s Diary: Day 5, 6 & 7

Keith Myott's BC Steelhead 2012

Wouldn’t you know it! I have no children to care for today, but I’ve been terribly sick the past past two days (hence why I haven’t been blogging) that I can’t go play. This always happens when he leaves. And so, the time drags on even more slowly because I need him home now. I know for him time can’t slow down enough as there’s always one more cast; one more swing; one more fish to catch.

Life takes us on amazing journeys: some good and some bad. Continue reading

Missouri River Fishing Report 11/8/14

fall-on-the-missouri-riverFlows: 3950 cfs…. Water Temperature: 50.9 F….

This time of year Craig is sloooooow and cooooold. This fall has been a bit different. It’s been unusually warm for far too long. After Thursday night’s wind and the continued blustery conditions in Helena, when I went out to Craig Friday and expected to find the same. Nope! It was peaceful and quiet. But that’s about to change. If you don’t want to be blown away, get out and fish today. Sunday the wind will be howling as the coldest weather of the season is about to move in for the week.  It looks like we will finally be seeing our typical fall weather for this time of year. Yes, its a little late. But better late than never. Fishing on the MO is always great…just remember the adage “a bad day of fishing is better than…” She’s been on the drop the past few days and she’s also cooled off. Next week once the wind settles, the gray skies and snow should bring out the bugs. Continue reading