On the Road Report: Lights Out Edition


“The sun shines not on us but in us. The rivers flow not past, but through us…” John Muir


Its taken me a while to put words to how I feel the way I do about fly fishing. I’ve never had a concise answer to any of my friends who don’t fish as to why I invest so much of my time and money to drive shitty dirt roads to rivers, stand there for hours on end, wave a stick around, maybe catch a fish, let it go if I do and drive back. Even if I’m investing a few days or more into this endeavor, the concept is alien to them. I really don’t expect them to understand. However after this last weekend spent with a good friend on an incredible stretch of water I think I know what I can tell them next time they ask. Continue reading

Missouri River Fishing Report 3.31.15

New Craig shop staff member Stephen

New Craig shop staff member Stephen with his inaugural MO River Rainbow.

Flows below Holter Dam: 4,030 c.f.s. (Normally 4,820 c.f.s.)

Lots of smiling faces and exaggerated fishing stories at Joe’s Craig Bar this weekend. With the warm weather and awesome obscene amounts of wind on the MO this weekend we still saw a lot of folks hitting the water and welcoming the spring by drowning some bugs and getting lots of fish to hand. Nymphing and hucking the bigger stuff is still your best bet for now that is until the wind decides to give us a break. However lots of talk of fish on the surface when the wind dies down even for a few minutes or isn’t screaming so much you can’t hear yourself think, sort of like my ex; just like her, when the wind leaves I wont miss her.

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Missouri River Fishing Report 3.25.15



Been a great few days of fishing here in Central Montana lots of people out all over drowning some bugs, and in my case watching some beautiful Westslope Cutthroats rise on some large, leggy foam flies. Check the On the Road Report for more on that. For the time being we’ll talk some more local water. The MO has below Holter has been sitting steady in the mid to low 4K range and with the combination of steady water and steady weather fishing has been great! Continue reading

Missouri River Fishing Report 3/19/15




Things on the MO starting to shape up as the last official day of winter comes and goes. Spring like weather forecasted for the week ahead, lets see if the fishing follows suit. Reports circulating around the breweries in town have been positive with lots of people exploring lots of water with the recent warm up. Good ole’ reliable MO has been holding pretty steady in the mid to high 4K range, typical for this time of year; nice considering the big rains this weekend spiked a bunch of other gauges all over the state.  For all you guys poking around below Hauser its been steady water as well and great fishing as Strainer displays above. Continue reading