Countdown to F3T….5 DAYS!!



That’s right folks, only 5 DAYS left before the 2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour!! We’ve still got tickets for sale here in our Helena Shop, save some cash and possible heartache by getting them NOW! Only $15 to get in the door (cash or check only), $18 if you wait until you show up to the door (assuming we haven’t sold out)!! Come out and support the Pat Barnes chapter of Trout Unlimited and grab some free stuff out of the  big ole’ box of schwag  from the guys at F3T that showed up today! Some cool stuff from Temple Fork Outfitters, Costa Sunglasses, Beverage Coozies from Fishpond & free download cards of the Stonefly Magazine! Also two of you lucky folks may be taking home one of two BIG PRIZES! Free with the cost of admission comes a chance to win one of two incredible fly fishing adventures:

Grand Prize:

Trip for two to El Pescador Fishing Lodge in Belize. Trip includes 4 nights of lodging and 3 days of guided fishing for two.

First Prize:

Trip for two to the Trout Hunter Lodge on the Henry’s Fork in Last Chance Idaho. Meals, lodging and fishing included for 4 days & 5 nights.


Check out some more of the trailers for some of the films being featured this year below & We hope to see you all this Saturday at the Grandstreet Theater!



Description: Ask one of the main characters in this film, conservationist and wilderness guide Charlie Conn (Director of the Taimen Fund), what this film is about and he’ll humbly tell you, “this is a conservation documentary about our work protecting Taimen (hucho hucho taimen) in Mongolia.” While the underlying focus of the film is the conservation work being done in Mongolia to protect the largest salmonid species in the world, the film is actually a combination of various meandering storylines – flowing together into a cohesive examination of what happens when passionate people come together to protect and properly manage a resource before an ecosystem is subject to 1st world development. Like many countries on the planet, Mongolia is rapidly transitioning from yesterday to tomorrow – leaving a wilderness, numerous wild species and a rich local culture hanging in the balance between two emerging demographics: those participating in the centuries old nomadic existence and a growing population eager to bring Mongolia to the 21st century. As many living in the later know to be true, the luxuries of the 21st century are grand – but oftentimes come with great cost to the natural world around us. All too often, conservation efforts are reactionary. Generation after generation is left picking up the pieces of shattered ecosystems. In many ways, Mongolia is different. Mongolia is an opportunity to conserve before the worst of the damage is inflicted. And most importantly, if successful, Mongolia could be a model for others to follow.


SALT 365>> 

Description: Two lifelong surfers living in Orange County California, and from opposites ends of the earth, forge a strong, late in life friendship through their shared passion for the obscure sport of saltwater fly fishing. A peek behind the Orange curtain into the Southern California ocean lifestyle through the lives of Capt. Vaughn Podmore & Keith Munemitsu.


Description: The Lost Boys of Yantarni is the story of the quirky few, stubborn enough to live and work on one of the most rugged and formidable outreaches of the Alaska Peninsula – a Neverland practically unknown to the angling world. The allure? – giant, dime bright, Coho Salmon that charge into these mile-long rivers with a seek-and-destroy mentality.
Mother Nature still keeps secrets here, never really showing her hand. For the guys running the place, outwitting her is a daily battle. Severe weather, four-legged locals, and never-ending chores stack the odds against them.
“Oh, the glory of being a guide in Alaska . . .”



Description: Carpland is a documentary-style adventure film about the history of carp in the United States. This non-native invasive species was introduced to U.S. waterways as a food source, and quickly spread to almost every state within a century. Prized around much of the world as a desirable menu item – and in some areas as a game fish – the name carp carries negative connotations in the U.S. pertaining to its value as table-fare and a sport fish. They pose a significant threat to numerous wild ecosystems and native flora and fauna. They’re also an adaptive species, thriving in waterways too damaged by pollution to support native species – providing angling opportunities for urban populations. Carp’s short history in North America spawns many questions about their role and future here. How did this desirable food fish fall from grace in households around the country? Why is one of the strongest and most desired international game fish overlooked by anglers in America? How do we protect wild areas and native species from being overrun with this invasive species? Should we support carp populations in areas where native species have vanished due to pollution? We’ll investigate these questions, and more. Stay tuned.


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Fly Fishing Film Tour 2015…Where Will it Take You?



Only 9 DAYS left to get your tickets to the 2015 F3T at Grandstreet Theater here in Helena hosted by the Pat Barnes Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Thats right people, your well spent money doesn’t go to some Hollywood uppity-up, it goes to the hard working folks at TU working hard to protect and promote healthy fisheries and fish all over the good ole’ US of A and right here in Montana! Only $15 (CASH or CHECK) gets you in the door, unless you procrastinate until you show up, then it’ll cost you $18 at the door (IF ANY ARE LEFT). Come out for an great evening of entertainment including raffles, door prizes, sweet tasty beer from Helena’s best breweries and a chance to win a trip to Belieze!  Check out some of the trailers for a few of the films included in this years tour down below and remember to get down to our Helena shop and get your tickets soon!


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Missouri River Fishing Report 01/21/15

Zach with a nice Rainbow from the canyon on a calm day

Zach with a nice Rainbow from the canyon on a calm day

Flows Below Holter: 4860 cfs…. Water Temperature: 33.8° F….

Flows Below Hauser: 5120 cfs…. Water Temperature: COLD….

Fingers crossed for the week ahead. If the weather man is right, it could be the break lots of use have been waiting for! Kick cabin fever in the gonads and get out there people! Looking like temps peaking this weekend with highs around 50 in Wolf Creek and the greater Helena area.  Flows have been steady below the dams so the fish should be feeding pretty steadily sub-surface and with warming temps and relatively calm conditions forecasted keep an eye out for midges coming out and fish looking up. Toss the bobber aside for a while and punch your tag for a January dry. Check the list at the bottom for my humble fly suggestions….

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wall-of-whiting-farms-feathersMe too! Barbecue, baked, broiled & broasted.
However the edible critter is not what I am referring to. Those of us who “lose ‘em in the summer and tie ‘em in the winter” know of what I speak. That incredibly beautiful, genetically spectacular, OMG bird of valuable feathers. The hen gives us the softer with more web and downy pelt. The rooster on the other hand provides we fly tiers with that long, stiff, web-free plumage so necessary to create the perfect dry fly.

It may be a cape / neck or it may be the saddle depending on the task. The colors choices and variations seem endless. Grizzly, browns, dun, black, cream, ginger, badger and the ever elusive Cree to mention a few. I keep all my best feathers in a red cedar box I built over 25 years ago. Continue reading

Missouri River Fishing Report 1/12/15


Flows: 4670 cfs…. Water Temperature: 34.2° F….

Freezing Fog..that’s what its like in Helena today, but the Live Web Cam shows some sun hitting the MO’. This weekend temps were just right for some good Winter fishing. The kids and I tried ice fishing for the first time on Spring Meadow Lake, while Ben, our new employee, and Chris floated the MO’. Both adventures proved to be very productive for catching trout. Take a shovel! There is a pile of gravel at the dam that came in handy to help with some traction.

HOT Streamers: Buggers of Black, Olive and Purple color, Kreelex Clouser, Sparkle Minnow, Polar Minnow

HOT Nymphs: Firebeads, Pink Lighting Bug, Pheasant Tails, Scuds, Zebra Midges

HOT Dries: Really no action here yet, but if you gotta throw it try Midge patterns

Remember, CrossCurrents is hosting its’ Beginner Fly Tying Classes in our Helena shop one night a week for five weeks.

For more information, please call CrossCurrents Fly Shop in Helena 406-449-2292, or stop by for a visit.

-Happy Fishing!