Central Montana Update: Beers, Bugs & BS Weather Edition


Great weekend to be in Central Mon-freakin-tana! Loads of fun things going down this weekend in the greater Missouri River watershed, beers, bugs and plenty of ways to get into trouble as we herald in the greatest part of the year, that’s right folks Small Stream Opener !  Not to mention Caddis Fest today in Craig. Beer, bugs & debauchery what more could you want? Decent weather would be a plus, but I’m not holding my breath. With all the fun going on it makes sense the weather gods plan on unleashing a typical spring torrent on us. Wind, rain, and all the other typical crap weather we have to deal with this time of year. Looking at some of the gauges I can’t complain too much, we need the water, every drop helps. My first piece of advice for this weekend is simple: Gore-Tex. Don’t be discouraged though, it’s a good weekend to, buck up, huck some junk. Let’s go through the spring creek / beer fest survival guide. Continue reading

Missouri River Fishing Report 5.6.15: Smorgasbord Edition


Crosscurrents Guide Billy Brann during an evening baetis hatch.


Flows Below Holter Dam: 3,840 c.f.s. (Normally 5,669 c.f.s.)

Lots of choices on the MO River menu this time of year and with lots of fish  looking to the surface for their sustenance that means lots of opportunity to land some beautiful Montana salmonids. Bugs abound in all sorts of sizes, colors and species. It’s the part of spring when the rivers all over Montana really come to life with the insane variety of bugs that feed the crazy number of fish that reside in the ridiculously beautiful state many of use are lucky enough to call home. The MO is definitely no acceptation. Looking like a great week to get out there and dust off the dry-fly cast from the winter bobber routine, break out the floatant, tiny tippet and put some steel to flesh. Or at the least cuss out the finicky fish that deny the tiniest of flies presented with the most delicate of care, yes it’s that time of year again! Continue reading

Missouri River Fishing Report 4.29.15: Bravo.Whiskey.Oscar Edition


Flow Below Holter Dam: 3,820 c.f.s (Normally 5,430 c.f.s)

Spring is in full swing here in central Montana and as a fly fisherman, nothing signals spring more for me than the arrival in mass of Blue Winged Olives. It’s not hard to pick out these long-tailed, tall winged insect fluttering across the sky and floating the seam lines. Big hatches, hungry fish, warmer temps and lower than average water have made the last few weeks one for the books. Lots of folks hitting the water taking advantage of the great dry-fly action, can’t help but notice more and more 4 & 6 license plates swinging by the brewery after “epic” days on the water, another sign of spring for the MO. As for me, the iron horse is still in the shop so this week the guys from Craig show us what they’re made of while I wait most impatiently to get back onto some big water. Continue reading

Friday Film: Testify | A Visual Poem of Trout Fishing

My four-cylinder stallion had a minor setback this last week so instead of being on the water where I belong, I’ve been spending too much time behind a computer screen searching the vast weird world of the web drooling in jealousy over fishing blogs and films. Hopefully she’ll be back on her feet in the next few days and I’ll be back out there, just in time for runoff. But for now on this rainy Friday I give you Testify | A Visual Poem of Trout Fishing, a film adaptation of John Voelker’s  1964 essay Testament of a Fisherman. 

Because bourbon out of an old tin cup tastes better out there….

~Cheers, Chewy

Missouri River Fishing Report 4.15.15


Flows below Holter Dam: 3880 c.f.s

It’s definitely spring here in central Montana. Rain, snow, wind, sleet, sunshine, the whole gamut of weather is upon us as we push further into the season. With the weather as unpredictable as it can be this time of year it’s time to be prepared when you hit the water. I’m not just talking about foul weather gear, sunscreen, toddies and cold beer I’m talking flies and fishing technique. More than one way to skin a cat land a fish on the MO this time of year. Let’s break it down….

Continue reading