World Famous Fly Fishing Guide and Expert Hank Patterson Makes Helena Premiere!


That’s right everybody, it’s true; after 11 days, 7 rivers, 15,678 miles, 1 caddis, 137 breakfast burritos, 2 broken hearts and 6 crew members, Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure is making its Helena premiere on Friday March 2nd at the Grandstreet Theater! Doors open at 7:00 p.m and the show starts at 8:00 p.m. Join CrossCurrents for a Pre-screening Party and you could WIN Breakfast for 2 with Hank Patterson at Steve’s Cafe by supporting Pat Barnes Trout Unlimited! Continue reading

Missouri River Fishing Report 2/24/15.



Flows Below Holter: 4920 cfs (normally 4950)…. Water Temperature: 36° F….

Flows Below Hauser: 5120 cfs (normally 3670)…. Water Temperature: Mid 30’s….

Looks like winter is back in central Montana for the time to come, highs in the mid to low 30s and lows down in the single digits should return the Missouri River back to typical winter fishing. Despite the looming weather the MO has been fishing well. Better with the warmer weather that was hanging around but it seems like the fish are enjoying the sun when it’s out Continue reading

Flat Stanley Visits Montana

flat-stanley-visits-wolf-creek-bridgeBefore I start in on this story, I feel it is necessary to explain briefly just who Flat Stanley is for the readers whom may have never heard his story. Flat Stanley comes from a 1964 children’s book written by a man named Jeff Brown. Stanley Lambchop is his real name and he was given a rather large bulletin board by his father, which was hung on the wall above Stanley’s bed where one night it fell on Stanley, flattening him to his paper-thin figure he is today. Stanley decided to use this new figure to his advantage, so he began to travel around the world by means of the postal service and an envelope, to visit all sorts of children. Stanley becomes very good friends with these children and shares with them his adventures by returning to them with pictures, postcards, souvenirs, and whatever else he feels like bringing back to them. This is where I come into Stanley’s story. Stanley is currently spending time with a little girl who is pretty much my niece back in Michigan. This little girl decided that Stanley needed to go on an adventure here in Montana, so she put Stanley in an envelope and sent him out to me. Continue reading

Final Smith River Reminder

smith river rafts

I Love the smell of rubber in the morning….smells like victory.

Final countdown for getting permit applications in for floating the Smith River!! The deadline for applications is Thursday, February 19th with permit drawing results being announced online at MyFWP Monday, March 2nd. Which means you only have 2 DAYS to stop checking out fly fishing blogs, river flows and the Friday Pin up archive on MoldyChum, scrape together some cash and get the proverbial bureaucratic ball rolling!!. Remember, only successful applicants are notified by mail. Although there is a $10 non-refundable application fee whether you are a Montana resident or not, you get three launch date choices! There are three ways to apply for the lottery drawing:

  1. Online at FWP’s Automated Licensing System (ALS)
  2. Pick up an application at any FWP Office. Submit at the office or mail application to the address on the form.
  3. Download and print an application. Submit to the FWP office or mail application to the address on the form.

Paper applications MUST be postmarked or submitted no later than Thursday, February 19th. Continue reading

Central Montana Fishing Report 2/12/15


Chewys been on the road a bit with the warm weather and the early ice off checking out some of the open waters from Craig to Gallatin Gateway, over the divide to some local freestones to bring YOU an up to date fishing dispatch from the road.

First the local waters…

Flows Below Holter: 4920 cfs (normally 4950)…. Water Temperature: 35° F….

Flows Below Hauser: 5150 cfs (normally 3510)…. Water Temperature: Mid 30’s….

Fishing on the MO has been pretty consistent over the last few days despite the fluctuating flows out of Holter. Nymphing still your best bet for now, low and slow. Flows out of Hauser have been pretty steady along with the fishing, still mostly a nymph game for the time being. Along with Grizzly Bears being sighted in Yellowstone, reports are that a few Redds are moving up towards their spawning grounds, could be the weather or just that these few fish are a few fries short of a happy meal. Whatever the reason if you’re fishing between the dams this weekend keep an eye out for the em’ and let them lay! Its unsportsmanlike, unethical and just flat out disrespectful to the fishery, but who am I to judge. Check out our post from last year  if you need a reminder on what to look for – Don’t Tread on Redds. With that said, the weekend forecast is looking good for getting out on the water and drowning some bugs. Humble fly suggestions for the MO listed below….. Continue reading